All finished animations and their songs should be edited into this page for organization.

Upload both the .stykz file and the song file (as a .mp3 or .wav) to hostmyfilez. Before upload, name the files the title of the song. For example, if the animation's song was called "Paper Crayons" the files would be called "Paper Crayons.mp3" and "Paper Crayons.stykz." Once uploaded, put the links in the table below and call them the file name extension of the files. For example, the link to "Paper Crayons.mp3" would be called ".mp3" and the link to "Paper Crayons.stykz" would be called ".stykz."

Lastly, remember to change the status in Animations in Progress to "Finished."

• Animator • Song Name •Animation Link • Song Link
EmPeeKay The Lazy Song .stykz .wav
NTwarrior Out Of My Head .stykz .wav

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